Adults need to study the Bible too! With the Bible Study Guide, you can understand the overall story of the Bible as you study it in detail. Adults use their Bibles and the teacher uses the Unit Teacher's Guide to guide them through the Bible text, background information, review, application and more.


With the Bible Study Guide, students cover the entire Bible in 416 lessons, studying some Old Testament and new Testament each year. To see the order of study, click here. To better understand the whole Bible Study Guide curriculum, click here.


Here are the materials we offer for teaching adults. Click on each picture for a full explanation of the item and/or samples of it.


Unit Teacher's Guide   Unlabeled Wall Maps and Time Line
Unit Teacher's Guide   Unlabeled Wall Maps and Time Line
Teachers only need one Unit Teacher's Guide for the entire year. Each guide contains 104 lessons.   The Unlabeled Wall Maps and Time Line help adults understand how all Bible events, people and places fit together. Using removable and reusable labels, you come to understand the "big picture" of the story of the Bible and how your current lesson fits into it.
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"The Bible Study Guide for All Ages is just plain magnificent. May God bless everyone's efforts but nothing else comes close in my humble opinion." -Kelvin
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