Ages 3 through Kindergarten

Through engaging activities, an illustrated Bible story, review system, Bible drills and more, preschoolers can go beyond the surface to learn the contents of God's word and apply it to their preschool lives!


With the Bible Study Guide, students cover the entire Bible in 416 lessons, studying some Old Testament and New Testament each year. When they outgrow the Beginner level, they simply graduate to the next lesson of the next level without missing a beat! To see the order of study, click here. To better understand the whole Bible Study Guide curriculum, click here.

How do I use it for kids ages 3-K?

The Beginner Student Pages guide you and your students through the lesson. You just follow the flow of the Student Page as it takes you from memory work and review to introductory activities to the Bible story/text itself and then its application. Since these students are non-readers (or low-level readers), you will always be involved in guiding them through the lesson. The Beginner Time Line and the Children's Songs CD set are often referenced in the Student Page lesson. They are optional but highly recommended. If you are teaching more than a few students, the Beginner Teacher Visuals are helpful.


Scroll down to take a look at the materials we offer for teaching children ages three through kindergarten. You may click on each picture for a full explanation of the item and/or samples of it.


Beginner Student Pages   Beginner Time Line
Beginner Student Pages   Beginner Time Line
Beginner Student Pages guide young students through the lesson, giving them an interactive Bible story, review, Bible drills, an application activity and a coloring page that brings the application verse into their modern lives.   The Beginner Time Line teaches one fact about major people and events in the Bible, forming a foundation for future learning.
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Children's Songs CD   Beginner Teacher Visuals
Children's Songs CD Set   Beginner Teacher Visuals
Every lesson includes a suggested children's song. Each one of them (90 in all) is on the Children's Songs CD.   If you are teaching more than two students, the Beginner Teacher Visuals will help you lead your kids through their student pages.
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Beginner Starter Pack    
Beginner Starter Pack    
Everything you need for your 3-K child in one convenient package.    
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"I am SO happy with our Bible Study Guide. This is finally what I have been looking for all these years and we are all learning so much!" -Karyn
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