Whether in a homeschool setting or a family Bible study, the Bible Study Guide curriculum gives you and your children a simple, straightforward way to learn, understand and apply the entire Bible. Here's how:


In-depth study
through the Bible in
416 lessons.


Fits the current lesson
into the overall story
of the Bible.


Students learn how to
apply God's word to


All ages study the
same Bible text at
age level.

How do I use it to teach my children?

The Student Pages guide you through each lesson. The Student Pages come in four levels covering ages 3 through 6th grade. The Beginner level (for ages 3 – Kindergarten) and Primary level (for 1st – 2nd grade) require a parent’s guidance throughout the lesson. The Intermediate level (3rd – 4th grade) and Advanced level (5th – 6th grade) may either be guided by the parent or completed by the student on their own. You can have all of your children study through the same Bible text at the same time. Recommendations on how to do it may be found here.


Optional materials that are referenced in the Student Pages teach chronology, the contents of the Bible Books, maps and more. We help you choose which products you need here.


You can also do an oral study with your whole family in which a parent uses the Unit Teacher’s Guide and the other family members simply use their Bibles. The Unit Teacher’s Guide is a three-ringed binder with an outline guide for learning and reviewing each lesson as well as memory work drills, maps and games. If you want to do an oral study rather than use the Student Pages, click here.

What materials are best for YOUR family?

Find out here.

What People Are
Saying About the
Bible Study Guide

"You have made teaching and learning Bible truths interesting, fun and exciting. The first thing my children ask when they get up in the morning is, 'Can we do Bible first?' " -Robin
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