If you have more than a couple of students, the Beginner Teacher Visuals make it easy to guide your whole class through the Bible lesson. They contain the "Discover the Bible" portion of the Beginner Student Pages enlarged on an 11" x 14" poster (sturdy card stock) with the Bible story and instructions on the back. The teacher may read the simplified Bible story, point to the visuals and show students how to do the activities as needed.

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Learn the Basics

Every lesson begins by directing the teacher to the Beginner Time Line. The Beginner Time Line is 34 full-color flash cards that teach students a simple fact about major people and events in the Bible. Students also learn the order in which those people and events occur in the Bible. This general knowledge becomes the foundation on which future Bible knowledge is built.

Sing and Remember

Students will remember if they are reminded. The Sing and Remember section contains three elements.

  1. A general memory work drill, such as learning the books of the Bible or memorizing a Bible verse.
  2. A song that often relates to the lesson being studies (All songs are found in the Children's Songs CD Set.)
  3. Long a short-term review questions - These questions review important details that stuents have studied in previous lessons.

Get Active

The Get Active activity is a great way to get your students excited, engaged and ready to absorb what God will be teaching them. It helps students remember what they have learned, long after the lesson is completed. Usually, this activity will introduce the application concept before students begin the Bible story (Discover the Bible section).

My Bible

Every four lessons the My Bible section replaces the Get Active section. This activity helps students become familiar with their Bibles. They learn to identify words like God and Jesus, understand the Old and New Testaments, etc.

Apply It!

After Discover the Bible, students flip the page to Apply it!. Application is the goal of all Bible study. Even young children can learn to apply the Bible to their own lives. Each Apply It! section contains a coloring page that illustrates a modern child's life situation. The life situation relates to that lesson's application verse. Questions relate the coloring picture to the Bible lesson and the Bible lesson to each student's own life. Students are always invited to pray about what they have learned.

Discover the Bible

After completing the Get Active or My Bible activity, students flip the page to Discover the Bible. The Discover the Bible section really helps kids dive into the Bible lesson! It contains a simplified Bible story with engaging illustrations and activities that students complete with crayons. The simple activities reinforce the lesson in students' minds and make learning fun. If you will be teaching more than one or two students, you will want the Beginner Teacher's Visual. It enlarges the lesson on an 11" x 14" poster with the teacher's text on the back. With this visual aid, the teacher can read the Bible story and demonstrate the activities to the children.

"We have found nothing like it--a curriculum that is truly Bible based and introduces children, young people, and adults to the entire spectrum of the Bible." -Peter and Lisa