The Unit Teacher's Guide is the original Bible Study Guide for All Ages. It is for the teacher who is not using age-specific Student Pages. The Student Pages have their own Teacher Guides/Teacher Keys. The Unit Teacher's Guide is a general guide and can therefore be adapted to virtually all ages. Students who are being led with the Unit Teacher's Guide simply use their Bibles. The guide is a three-ringed binder. It contains 104 simple lesson guides like the one shown below. It also contains drills, games, simple visuals, maps, study helps and more that help you make the study interactive and memorable. There are four Unit Teacher’s Guides in all, totaling 416 lessons and covering the entire Bible.



Below is a sample lesson. Click on each highlighted section title for an explanation.

Sample Lesson

Unit Teacher's Guide

We also recommend the Unlabeled Wall Maps and Time Line and the Bible Book Summary Cards as additional visual aids for those who use the Unit Teacher's Guide.


To see the order of study for the entire Bible Study Guide program (416 lessons), click here.


Click here to view a PDF sample lesson.

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"We have been using your product for about 7 months and I simply cannot believe the information they (and I) have retained." -Shannon
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DrillsAll memory work is frequently recalled so that students will not forget the learned information. Drills in other lessons include chronology, finding people and events in the Bible, and games.


Retention is increased by reviewing questions from previous lessons.


Use your choice of Bible translations.

Additional Scriptures

Additional verses may be useful in understanding the present lesson text.

According to the Dictionary

These helps consist of general Bible knowledge facts, background information and word definitions that will help students understand the current lesson text.


Attentiveness is increased when questions are going to be asked. Questions are coded for review in future lessons.


Unlabeled maps are labeled as places are studied. (Full-color Wall Maps and Time Line are available.)

Time Line

As lessons are studied, removable event pictures and names are placed on the Unlabeled Wall Maps and Time Line.


A suggested children's song (sung on the available a cappella song CD - 90 songs) and a hymnal song.


Students focus on one lesson learned in the Bible text and apply to their lives.

Prayer Time

A time to talk to God about the things he has taught you in this lesson.


VisualIncluded in another section of the guide is a full-page illustration of each lesson.