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Primary Student Pages and Teacher Guide

Your first graders and second graders can study through the entire Bible with Primary Student Pages while the teacher uses the (required) Primary Teacher Guide.

The Primary Student Pages, along with the Primary Teacher Guide, take the teacher and students, step by step through the lesson. Because students in the first grade and second grade differ so widely in reading level, we have created a Teacher Guide/Student Page combo that works in situation where the students barely read at all or where students read well OR in situations with a mixture of the two!

Contains 26 lessons. Purchase one Student Pages set per student and one Teacher Guide for the teacher. Please do not photocopy.

Note: The Primary Level is the only level that REQUIRES both a Student Page and Teacher Guide. Please don't forget to purchase a Primary Teacher Guide.

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​Note: Lessons 105-208 will be released in the spring of 2013, lessons 209-312 in the spring of 2014 and lessons 313-416 in the spring of 2015.

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 Primary Student Pages - Lessons 001-026   $5.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Teacher Guide - Lessons 001-026   $9.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Student Pages - Lessons 027-052   $5.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Teacher Guide - Lessons 027-052   $9.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Student Pages - Lessons 053-078   $5.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Teacher Guide - Lessons 053-078   $9.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Student Pages - Lessons 079-104   $5.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Teacher Guide - Lessons 079-104   $9.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Student Pages - Lessons 105-130   $5.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Teacher Guide - Lessons 105-130   $9.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Student Pages - Lessons 131-156   $5.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Teacher Guide - Lessons 131-156   $9.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Student Pages - Lessons 157-182   $5.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Teacher Guide - Lessons 157-182   $9.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Student Pages - Lessons 183-208   $5.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Teacher Guide - Lessons 183-208   $9.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Student Pages - Lessons 209-234   $5.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Teacher Guide - Lessons 209-234   $9.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Student Pages - Lessons 235-260   $5.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Teacher Guide - Lessons 235-260   $9.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Student Pages - Lessons 261-286   $5.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Teacher Guide - Lessons 261-286   $9.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Student Pages - Lessons 287-312   $5.95   Buy Now  
 Primary Teacher Guide - Lessons 287-312   $9.95   Buy Now  
Displaying 1 to 24 (of 24 products) Result Pages:  1 

"We have found nothing like it--a curriculum that is truly Bible based and introduces children, young people, and adults to the entire spectrum of the Bible." -Peter and Lisa

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