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Bible curriculum
that actually studies the Bible

For Churches

Bible Class, Sunday School, Christian School

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For Families

Homeschool, Family Bible Study

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Simple and Complete Bible Curriculum
for Kids and Adults

Study through the Bible in 416 lessons. Understand both the overall story and its contents in detail. Learn how to apply it to life.

Just wanted to let all of you know how much I love teaching from the latest version of your lesson pages. You all have created something very special and the latest revision is even more awesome at presenting God’s word on a kids level (or really on ANY level!). I just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts. Only God will ever know the impact of this tool.

Todd Palmer

We have thanked God many, many times for the incredible work you put into creating BSGAA. We are working our way through the program for the second time. Your program is very well-laid out, and helps us to teach the Bible to them. I like that this program uses the BIBLE, rather than being a collection of stories ABOUT the Bible. Big difference there! The constant review of questions from previous lessons is invaluable. Putting Bible characters in order keeps us remembering who the people were, how they connected to one another, and where they fit in the scheme of things. The maps help even me, to say nothing of the children, to better visualize the events as they happened, as I am now able to picture WHERE they took place, rather than just having some nebulous notion of "somewhere over there." So, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jennifer Collins

I just want to thank you for your great product. I have a Masters in Theology and I tend to be really particular about what I use to teach my kids about the Bible. I want everything to be Biblically and theologically sound, even in the details. This product has stood up to that test. I love that in the cartoon pictures the details are accurate. My kids have learned so much in the past few months. The review questions help the kids to remember what they've learned from past lessons, the worksheets keep their attention, and the time line cards are my kids' favorite. Doing this study with my children is surely one of the most valuable things that I do. Thank you for such a quality product. We love it.

Lisa Casimir