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Watch first and second graders
dive into the Bible and apply it to their lives!

How could deep Bible study with your kids be this easy and fun?

The Bible Study Guide curriculum helps children in first and second grade explore the Bible in great detail through 416 lessons. They also learn the overall story through a time line, maps, and much more. Most importantly, students encounter Jesus throughout the Bible, applying what they learn to their lives. Your 6, 7, and 8 year old kids can really learn God’s word!
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Primary Student Pages and Teacher Guide

The Primary Student Pages with Teacher Guide take you and your students through the lesson. Review, memory work, interactive Bible story, application activities, Bible drills, time line and map activities and more are all here!

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Bible Book Summary Cards

Imagine learning the basic content of every Bible book! You can with the Bible Book Summary Cards. The Teacher Guide will refer you to these cards in nearly every lesson. They are that helpful!

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Wall Maps & Time Line

The Wall Maps and Time line help students understand how all the Bible events, people and places fit together. They use removable and reusable labels. This is “big picture” stuff!

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Children’s Songs

Every lesson includes a suggested children’s song. Each one of them (90 in all) is on the Children’s Songs collection.

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Primary Level Starter Pack

Everything you need for your 1st-2nd grade child in one convenient package. Available in a Basic edition and Premium edition.

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“Thanks for the wonderful curriculum. Our kids love it and are learning so much. As a teacher I love how easy it is for me to teach the material. Thanks for an amazing product.”