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“I had almost given up my hope to find a Bible curriculum my three children (Preschool, Grade 1, and Grade 3) could do together. I found your products in a homeschool product catalog, and my heart leaped. I hadn’t even seen the pictures of your products, but based on the descriptions I knew I had found what I longed for. And indeed I had. It has not disappointed. I ordered everything and have been delighted by how all the materials fit together and what a wealth of knowledge they help my children learn. Even my preschooler can tell you the meaning of the statue and the rock in King N-‘s dream.

The Bible Book Summary Cards are indispensable for laying the foundation of lifelong Biblical knowledge in their lives.

They enjoy the program. I too have been greatly blessed by the depth of Biblical understanding I have gained. Starting with Jacob, Joseph, and then Daniel, so richly points to how God keeps his promises. It has been a blessing to watch them grow in their understanding of the Lord in these first few lessons. We are only on Lesson 18 and every week I tell my husband how our Bible studies delight me!”

– Rebecca