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Beginner Student Pages

Simple yet powerful. After all, it’s God’s word.

The Beginner Student Pages guide preschool students and their teacher as they learn and apply the Bible. The target age is four years old through kindergarten, but the pages are flexible enough for three year olds and even first graders to use them, any student who does not read or is just learning.

The Student Page sets include 26 lessons. Each lesson is two pages (printed front and back for a total of four sides). The size of each page is 8.5” x 11,” making them easy to download and print if you choose the pdf format. You will need one Beginner Student Pages set per student. If you are teaching more than two Beginner students, you will want a set of Beginner Student Pages for yourself as well. If you are teaching more than three or four students, you’ll want the Beginner Teacher Visual.

What do the Beginner Student Pages include? Browse all four pages of the sample lesson below. Select each highlighted title for an explanation of that section.