The Intermediate Student Pages guide students through the whole learning experience. The target age for this curriculum is third and fourth grade. However, these pages are flexible enough to include students a little bit below and above that ability level.

The Student Page sets include 26 one-page lessons (front and back) and are lightly glue-bound on one side so you can easily tear off each page for your students. The size of each page is 8.5” x 14” (legal size).  You will need one Intermediate Student Pages set per student. If you are teaching more than a couple Intermediate level students, you will want an Intermediate Teacher Key for yourself. 

What do the Intermediate Student Pages include? Browse the sample lesson below by clicking on each highlighted section title for an explanation.

Sample Lesson

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Intermediate Student Page Sample Intermediate Student Page Sample

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Remember It?

Have you ever been frustrated because Bible knowledge didn't seem to stick in your students' minds for very long? Remember It? activities review important details that students have studied in previous lessons. In a fun way, these activities help learning to stick.

Memory Workout

This section contains a variety of drills, all with the purpose of teaching general Bible information. Learning the books of the Bible, the twelve sons of Jacob, etc. is vital to understanding the Bible. Many of these drills are taught in song form on the Children's Song CD. There are other drills that help students learn to find people and events in their Bible, to recall and tell Bible stories and learn the basic content of every Bible book using the Bible Book Summary Cards.

Guess What...

The Guess What... section provides definitions of words and interesting historical information that will help students better understand the lesson. After Guess What..., students flip the page to Discover the Bible.

Time Line

The Time Line is one of the greatest strengths of the Bible Study Guide program. It helps students understand the whole story line of the Bible and how all the people and events that they study fit into God's overall plan. The Time Line is included in every other lesson of the Student Pages, alternating with the Maps. Yes, maps are included too!


Knowing where events take place is basic to Bible understanding. We use very simple maps and activities to help. Maps are included in every other lesson of the Student Pages, alternating with the Time Line.

Get Active!

Students learn best when they actively use their minds and bodies. The Get Active! section allows students to break away from their worksheet and do something fun and challenging that either introduces or reinforces the lesson. Usually, this activity relates closely with the application verse.

Apply It!

Application is the goal of all Bible study. We want students to apply the text they are reading to their own lives. Not only that, we want to teach them how to practically apply Scripture as they read the Bible on their own.

In the Apply It! section, students reread the application verse, then they try to apply it to a modern day situation through a story that they orally complete. After the students complete their stories, they answer questions that link the story they just told with the Bible lesson and then the Bible lesson to their own lives.

The Apply It! section ends with a personal prayer about the application lesson just learned.

Discover the Bible

The Discover the Bible section helps students dive into the Bible lesson! Students read from their own Bibles and interact with the illustrations to help them think about and remember what they are reading.

After Discover the Bible, students flip the page to the Time Line or Map.

"We have found nothing like it--a curriculum that is truly Bible based and introduces children, young people, and adults to the entire spectrum of the Bible." -Peter and Lisa