Your first graders and second graders can study through the entire Bible with the Primary Student Pages.

The Primary Student Pages, along with the Primary Teacher Guide, take the teacher and students, step by step, through the lesson. Because students in the first grade and second grade differ so widely in reading level, we have created a Teacher Guide / Student Page combo that works in situations where the students barely read at all or where students read well OR in situations with a mixture of the two!

The Student Page sets include 26 one-page lessons (front and back) and are lightly glue-bound on one side so you can easily tear off each page for your students. The size of each page is 8.5” x 14” (legal size). You will need one Primary Student Pages set per student.

The Primary Teacher Guide is also sold in 26 lesson sets that are 8.5”x11” and are spiral bound at the top for ease of use.

What does the Primary level include? Browse the sample lesson below by clicking on each highlighted section title for an explanation.

Sample Lesson - Primary Teacher Guide

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Primary Teacher Page Sample Primary Teacher Page Sample Primary Teacher Page Sample Primary Teacher Page Sample

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Sample Lesson - Primary Student Pages

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Primary Student Page Sample Primary Student Page Sample

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Every lesson begins with an activity that reviews important details students have learned in previous lessons. Students remember when they are reminded! The Review activity includes both long-term and short-term review.

Memory Work

The Memory Work section contains a variety of drills, all with the purpose of teaching general Bible information. Memorizing the books of the Bible, the twelve sons of Jacob, etc., is very important for Bible understanding. This section often includes Bible drills that help students learn to find things in their Bible. The section often refers to the Bible Book Summary Cards, which teach in a very simple way the basic content and themes of each Bible book.

Suggested Song

Songs are a fun way to learn! We suggest a children's song in each lesson. All songs may be found on the Children's Song CD set.

Things to Know

The Things to Know section provides definitions of words and interesting historical information that will help students better understand the lesson.

Get Active!

Students learn best when they actively use their minds and bodies. The Get Active section allows students to break away from their worksheet and do something fun and challenging that either introduces or reinforces the lesson. Usually, this activity relates closely with the application verse.

Today's Bible Text

Today's Bible Text section is where the students really dive into the Bible lesson! Students read, hear and see the Bible story and interact with the illustrations to help them think about and remember what they are learning. Since children of this age can be on different reading levels, the lesson is set up so that the students can do as much or as little reading as you choose. In each lesson, the application verse is emphasized.

Time Line and Maps

The Time Line is one of the greatest strengths of the Bible Study Guide program. It helps students understand the whole story line of the Bible and how all the people and events that they study fit into God's overall plan. The Time Line is included in about every other lesson of the Student Pages, alternating with the Maps. Yes, maps are included too! We use very simple maps, about every other lesson, to help students understand the locations of the places they are studying.

Wall Time Line and Wall Map

The Time Line and Maps on the Student Pages are especially effective when used in conjuction with the Unlabeled Wall Maps and Time Line. The Primary Teacher Guide shows you when to put labels on the Wall Time Line and Wall Maps and when to take them off. Also, your Teacher Guide often includes fun and helpful drills to do with the Wall Time Line and Wall Maps to help your students understand the chronology and geography of the Bible.

Apply It!

Application is the goal of all Bible study. Even young children can learn to apply the Bible to their own lives. Each Apply It! section contains a coloring page that illustrates a modern child's life situation. The life situation relates to that lesson's application verse. Questions relate the picture to the Bible lesson and the Bible lesson to each student's own life. Students are always invited to pray about what they have learned.

"We have found nothing like it--a curriculum that is truly Bible based and introduces children, young people, and adults to the entire spectrum of the Bible." -Peter and Lisa