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Understand the BSG

Understanding the Bible Study Guide Program

The Bible Study Guide covers the Bible, in-depth, in 416 lessons, studying some Old Testament and some New Testament each year. If you look at the basic order of study, you ‘ll notice that we dive into the Bible in detail, studying practically everything except the Old Testament prophets and wisdom writings, which are surveyed.
We constantly use a time line, helping students understand the chronological “big picture” story of the Bible and how what they are studying fits into God’s overall plan. Maps are an important part of our curriculum as well (Primary level on up).
All ages can study the same text at the same time. Lesson 1 in Beginner level is the same as lesson 1 in all the higher levels. When a student moves up from one level to the next, they don’t have to start over. They just begin with the next lesson in the higher level.
We believe in review. We remember what we review. So, in every age level, we have a review system so that students regularly review what was studied recently as well as important things that were studied longer ago.
Rather than starting with topics and looking to support them with Scripture. We take the opposite approach, learning Scripture in its context and applying the message to our lives. Every Bible Study Guide lesson emphasizes an application point, taken from the text studied, and provides application activities to help the students apply it to themselves. Not only that, we train students to read, understand and apply Scripture themselves. We don’t want them to depend on a curriculum all their lives! We give them tools to be life long learners and leaders.
You can begin using the Bible Study Guide at any time in the year and at whatever pace you choose. How long will it take to complete the entire study? At a pace of two lessons per week, it takes four years. Four lessons per week takes two years. Studying three lessons per week, during a nine month school year only, takes less than four school years.