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The Unit Teacher’s Guide

The original Bible Study Guide for All Ages

It is for the teacher who is not using age-specific Student Pages. The Student Pages have their own Teacher Guides/Teacher Keys. The Unit Teacher’s Guide is a general guide and can therefore be adapted to virtually all ages. Students who are being led with the Unit Teacher’s Guide simply use their Bibles

The guide is a three-ringed binder. It contains 104 simple lesson guides like the one shown below. It also contains drills, games, simple visuals, maps, study helps and more that help you make the study interactive and memorable. There are four Unit Teacher’s Guides in all, totaling 416 lessons and covering the entire Bible.

Click here to view a PDF of this sample.

We also recommend the Wall Maps and Time Line and the Bible Book Summary Cards as additional visual aids for those who use the Unit Teacher’s Guide.

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