Advanced Starter Pack (Basic Edition)


The Advanced Starter Pack (Basic edition) contains everything you need for a 5th-6th grade child if you are not using the large Wall Maps and Time Line. The Bible Book Summary Cards and the Children’s Songs set are a one-time purchase. The Advanced Starter Pack includes Advanced Student Pages for a full year (104 lessons). Of course, all products may be purchased individually in whatever quantity you choose.

If you want to cover more than 104 lessons in a year, just add Advanced Student Pages beginning with lesson 105 to your cart.

If you have more than one child in Advanced level, or if you are teaching a class of Advanced level students, just place additional sets of Advanced Student Pages in your cart, one set per child. You do not need duplicate copies of anything else. If you are teaching more than a couple of children, we recommend adding the Advanced Teacher Key for the same lessons. It contains the Student Page with all the answers marked, plus additional helps for you.

For recommendations on teaching multiple children in different age levels, click here.

Advanced Starter Pack (Basic edition) includes:
Advanced Student Pages (New) Lessons 1-26
Advanced Student Pages (New) Lessons 27-52
Advanced Student Pages (New) Lessons 53-78
Advanced Student Pages (New) Lessons 79-104
Large Bible Book Summary Cards
Children’s Songs

Total price of items bought individually (with “2 CD set” selected): $81.70
Advanced Starter Pack (Basic) discounted price: $77.95

  • Children's Songs

    Available as a digital download or a 2 CD set, this album contains 90 Bible based a capella songs for home, class, children's worship, Vacation Bible School, camp, and bus. Included are songs that help with memory work. All the children's songs suggested in the Bible Study Guide curriculum are included. It is also a great listening album for children.


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