Beginner Starter Pack


The Beginner Starter Pack contains everything you need for a Beginner level child (3-K or otherwise non-reading), including Beginner Student Pages for a full year (104 lessons). All of these products are a one-time purchase except for the Student Pages.

If you want to cover more than 104 lessons in a year, just add Beginner Student Pages beginning with lesson 105 to your cart.

If you have more than one child in Beginner level, or if you are teaching a class of Beginner level students, just place the additional sets of Beginner Student Pages in your cart, one set per child plus one for the teacher. If you are teaching more than two or three students, consider adding the Beginner Teacher Visual for those lessons as well.

Of course, all products may be purchased individually in whatever quantity you choose.

Beginner Starter Pack includes:
Beginner Student Pages (lessons 1-26)
Beginner Student Pages (lessons 27-52)
Beginner Student Pages (lessons 53-78)
Beginner Student Pages (lessons 79-104)
Beginner Time Line
Children’s Song CD set

Total price of items bought individually (with “2 CD set” selected): $76.70
Beginner Starter Pack Discounted Price: $72.95

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Children's Songs

Available as a digital download or a 2 CD set, this album contains 90 Bible based a capella songs for home, class, children's worship, Vacation Bible School, camp, and bus. Included are songs that help with memory work. All the children's songs suggested in the Bible Study Guide curriculum are included. It is also a great listening album for children.


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